The ICT sector has been a new frontier for the group since early 2000’s

Especially starting from 2007, the group has expanded to all the fields of Information Technology, including software development, hardware production and distribution, as well as system integration activities.

The Group has been one of the leading hardware distributors in Turkey, with more than 5.000 corporate dealers all around Turkey. Being the distributors of almost all major multinational brands in IT since 1997, we have started production of hardware products with our own brands and we distribute them all over Turkey.

Online B2B and B2C sales have been key to the Group’s progress in becoming one of the main online sales success stories by ranking as one of the top 3 best selling online sales platforms in Turkey in terms of sales volumes.

Group portals have more than 5 million daily visitors which equals to %60 of total Turkish internet surfers daily.

System Integration

Apart from software development and hardware production and distribution both online and offline, Sena Group has been very successful in system integration business in the ICT sector. Mainly working in the regions of Middle East and Central Asia, the group has been doing system integration business, conducting projects financed by supra-national financing institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, EU and UNDP.

Group companies have successfully completed more than 50 projects in 10 countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgzstan, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen and Turkey since its establishment a decade ago, being No 1 Turkish companies in terms of number of system integration projects completion in overseas markets.

Software Development

Investing in development of web portals in a diversified content as startups has been one of the most successful areas for Sena Group. After the grand success of its electronic news portal by becoming Turkey’s biggest online news portal, the Group has intensified its focus in this portal and has gained the title to be No.1 internet media portal in Turkey. As of today, the Group’s portals have reached 4 million daily visitors, and altogether with its other portals, -the biggest literature portal in Turkey, the biggest poetry portals worldwide, Group portals have more than 5 million daily visitors which equals to %60 of total Turkish internet surfers daily.

With this outstanding performance and success in the home market, The Group has expanded to the region and to Silicon Valley of California, and Media City of Dubai in order to achieve the same accomplishments in these markets.